What’s Hongdae’s Best Bar to Drink at?

What’s Hongdae’s Best Bar to Drink at?


No matter how long or short of a time you’re staying in Seoul, you’re bound to end up in Hongdae for at least one night. Not only is it a popular night time spot among expats and exchange students, it is also a host to many guest houses that tourists like to stay in. There’s much to discover in Hongdae, from cafes to restaurants to bars to clubs, to the point where it may be overwhelming. Perhaps you would enjoy just walking around and decide the spot for the night based on however you’re feeling that day. But, if you wish to have some guidance, or at least a starting point to your night, keep reading for our recommendations!



While this particular bar receives polar opposite opinions based on who visits, there’s no denying that it’s always full of people ready to have a good time. Both expats and Koreans looking to mingle with foreigners favor this spot as a stop for every night out. And the drinks are affordable, too!



If you want to get your dance groove on with a drink in your hand, this is the hot place to go to without having to pay entrance fees as high as a club’s. The crowd and menu prices are similar to Thursday Party’s, with them playing popular Western pop hits from a few years back, as well as some Latin tunes.



In case you’re looking for a calmer night out, with the opportunity to sit, and maybe chat if you’re with company, this is a good spot to go to. They’re known for making you fall in love with their cocktails. Oh, and their whisky is pretty good, too – or so they say!



Another great pick for those wanting to stay a bit further from the mainstream spots. It’s a tiny hole in the wall bar, one that could easily be mixed up as a café. It serves perfectly affordable and delicious cocktails. And since the drinks are served in plastic bags, if you’re in the mood to people watch or sightsee while you drink, this is where you ought to get your drink from!



Now this is the one that you’ll find many people dubbing as their absolute favorite spot in Hongdae. It’s a cozy bar with an extremely friendly owner, with drinks strong enough not to disappoint. If there’s any place to end your night in, unless you intend on clubbing, then THIS is it.



…or just start your night at the small park that’s always guaranteed to be full of likeminded people pre-gaming before getting the night into full swing. There’s a convenience store right across from the park where you can get your cheap pre-gaming drinks from.

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