What to Expect on a Night out in Itaewon

What to Expect on a Night out in Itaewon

One of the most amazing aspects of Seoul is its size. Because of how big the city is, it allows for several buzzling hubs to rise up in different parts inside its borders, as opposed to all the action being focused in one single downtown area. Like this, you can be partying it up in Hongdae one weekend, Gangnam the next, and not get tired of the scene for a long, long time.

Itaewon is one of these hubs. Located right in the middle of Seoul, it is favored by both locals and expats as a neighborhood of entertainment. It is also the area with the largest concentration of expat population, in all of Seoul.

During the day, Itaewon comprises of many delicious restaurants providing cuisine options from all over the world. But during the night, it turns into a busy scene for bar and club lovers. Unlike most other neighborhoods in Seoul, as Itaewon is predominantly geared towards South Korea’s foreigner population, majority of the bars are also similar to what we’d see in our own countries in the West.

So, if you’re looking for a bar that reminds you of home in its interior, atmosphere, and alcohol selection, Itaewon is the MUST stop for you for the night! Important to note, however, is that the clientele is also likely to be more international than local. In other words, as great as the nights may be, they will largely feel more familiar to how nights out at home would be rather than how a typical Seoulite might spend their night out.

Depending on how you want your night to go, you might want to start it at a bar that doubles as a restaurant, to fill up your stomach with some content besides the alcohol that night. Dillinger’s is one great place for that. Then, before moving onto the more crowded and crazy avenues, you’ll probably want to get a few cheap drinks into you. For that, Dolce Vita is a great choice, at least if you like tequila – theirs is only 3,000won per shot, surely the cheapest in town!

Then, there are a few ways the night can go. Koreans usually like to have their alcohol over a plate of food, meaning they tend to stay in one place for a longer amount of time. But when hitting Western style bars, you only need to order the drink, making moving around from one place to another that much easier.

Thus, one way to go about your night is to hit the bars along the way deeper into Itaewon’s heart, such as Sam Ryan’s, Fountain, and Prost. Bar hopping in order will eventually  lead you to the opposite end of the street from where you started off with Dolce Vita, and that’s where Thursday Party, one of the most famous drinking and dancing joints in Itaewon, your last destination of the night, lies in.

Alternatively, you may wish to focus your efforts in the real club scene. And Itaewon for sure has many of those! Cakeshop is all the rage in the neighborhood, though it exists a little further away from the bar street, towards Noksapyeong. Made is another one high on the recommendation lists. Club Move is one great choice for those looking for a club friendly towards the LGBT. Glam is a hot club right in the heart of Itaewon, and B One is for the partygoers more interested in a lounge style club.

Whatever it is you want from a night out, let Itaewon and its scene sweep you off your feet and blow your mind away!

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