The 5 Hottest Clubs in Gangnam

The 5 Hottest Clubs in Gangnam

It’s Friday night and you’re all dressed up and ready to hit the town. And perhaps even to get lit! But then you get struck by the never old question of WHERE shall you be getting lit at? You’re hanging out in your hoods of Hongdae nearly every day already, and Itaewon’s so been there, done that. Something new is where you and your twitching dance leg are craving to go.

If the above description at all fits you, it’s time to finally check out the scene in Gangnam. The clubs, and thus your experience, are guaranteed to be high end! Here are the hottest club in the area that we’re expecting to see you getting your groove on next Friday night.

  1. Octagon

And obvious choice, this club is ranked among the best clubs in the world. It can’t get much more hardcore than that! It also has more than one dancing area with different types of music being played at each one, so it’s suitable for any kind of a clubber. Unfortunately Octagon is also one of the priciest clubs in town, but it is worth the visit and a night of partying.

  1. Arena

For this club, you’ll want to find yourself in Sinsa. It’s guaranteed to get packed, with celebrities and other gorgeous individuals in its clientele, all ready to party until the sun comes up the next day. They’ve got a strict dress code so make sure you’ve got your best outfit on for a night of intense and high-energy partying on the dance floor. As it operates as an after club as well, you just might find yourself there until midday.

  1. DStar

A relatively new club, it has separate sections for hip hop and house music. If you really want to live your best weekend when you visit, book yourself a room at the hotel located above and make it your own sort of weekend getaway. Perfect for especially birthday celebrations! Get dolled up in your room, party like a maniac downstairs, and then come back up to crash with no worry in the world about hauling a taxi to get your bum back home.

  1. Mass

This long standing club is THE place to be if your destination of the night is the surroundings of Gangnam Station. The DJs play a ton of variety in their sets, and even world famous DJs are known to visit here and turn the night into magic. The dance floor is also amazingly big for those who are at the club specifically to dance the night away. You can also find the club to be open during weekdays, so technically you never have to take a break from the clubbing scene.

  1. Burning Sun

Finally, what better way to party like a celebrity than doing so at a club opened by a celebrity? Burning Sun may be the newcomer in town, but it’s quickly become sizzling hot among club goers, even sparking the interest of those not usually into the club scene.


Wait no more and go get wild!

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