Seoul’s Best Bars Outside of Hongdae, Gangnam and Itaewon

Seoul’s Best Bars Outside of Hongdae, Gangnam and Itaewon


While Hongdae, Gangnam and Itaewon are typically known as the main party and night time hang out hubs in Seoul, sometimes you’ll want to try somewhere new. And while the other neighborhoods may not be as great for bar hopping and clubbing, they do typically possess a bar or two that are absolutely charming and worth the visit. Just for your pleasure, we have picked up a few of these bars to check out the next time you may want a quieter night or are simply in the mood to explore something new.



The Table is a brewing bar located nearby Jongkak Station. It’s a great place to grab some dinner over beers, offering a menu with pizza, fried chicken, and other foods. As for the beer itself? There’s more than ten different flavors to choose from, and each one that I’ve tried thus far has been of impeccable taste! As such, especially the flavors Honey Brown and Happy Weizen are much recommended.



Translated as Heavenly Fish, this cocktail bar can be found in the Konkuk University area. It’s main charming point is the interior, one that is equipped with dim lights and cushions to sit on, all set up to mimic South Asian vibes, completed with a small pond in the middle. From the menu you can find some amazing cocktails and wine, as well as some food to order to the side.



And if you happen to live on the Western side of Seoul, then Sillim and its Cube The Lounge Bar is also worth the visit. Upon walking in, the bar will greet you in all its blue glory, and you’ll quickly notice they also have darts to play with if you run out of topics to talk about. On their extensive menu, you can find beer, cocktails, shots, liqueur, and even champagne. There are also some food items on the menu if you wish to snack on something as you drink.



If you are a fan of Harry Potter but don’t want to spend ages queueing in to get inside the newly opened Harry Potter café in Hongdae, then you’re in luck! Instead, head to one of Daehagno’s back streets, where you can find a Harry Potter themed bar called The Glenco. The menu, written wholly in cursive, has a collection of Harry Potter-inspired cocktails that come out in beautiful glasses. They also have other drinks offered. While you wait for your drinks, you can dress up in the typical Hogwarts cape and other accessories, and have fun taking pictures with your friends. As the bar also has a cover charge, you will get to choose from some additional goodies to receive with your drink.

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