Pocha Factory: The Best Pocha in Gangnam

Pocha Factory: The Best Pocha in Gangnam

One of the most amazing aspects of Korean drinking culture is how they combine alcohol with food. While atypical for some, it’s a great way of getting started with your night out right from the dinner table. Not to mention the great chats you’ll have while seated down over some delicious food and drinks!

These types of establishments, called pochas in Korea, exist all over every neighborhood that has even a moderately big nightlife scene, though to a smaller degree in Itaewon. Gangnam, for one, has many great ones to choose from.

To save your mind from exploding from confusion, we’d like to introduce you to one special pocha to start or end your night with, or perhaps have as the location of your whole night: Pocha Factory.

Located at the edge of Gangnam’s drinking streets, this massive and hugely popular drinking spot is known to have you waiting to get seated for nearly an hour on the best nights, with boys waiting on one side, and girls on the other. If you want to skip the queue, you can order a bottle of liqueur, but that is of course more expensive. Once you have your table, there is no requirements to leave after a certain period of time, no matter how busy they get. That’s great because sometimes you’ve only just gotten started having fun when you’re finding yourself being told to move to the next place.

At each table, there is a tablet through which you can place your order. There are half a dozen different categories for food, with at least 50 different food options on offer. Similarly, there are approximately 20 different Korean alcohols to choose your drink of the night from, if you forgo getting a bottle. Mind you that if you do get a bottle you’re not required to order any food, but otherwise you must get at least one dish to share, regardless of the amount of people in your party.

Once your drink and food orders are ready, your tablet will ring to inform you, and you can go pick it up from the stand reserved for the category. For example, fried foods and seafood are served and prepared at different stands. All you have to do is give the staff your table number and you’re good to go!

There is a corner at the pocha for throwing darts as well, which can be a good way to enhance your night, especially if you happen to make some new acquaintances whilst there. Because yes, indeed, it is encouraged to approach the tables that have sparked your attention at ones you’d like to get to know better, were they to choose to want to get to know you better as well.

And the absolute best part? Once you’ve had your fun with their drink and food, right upstairs is a super fun bowling alley that’s open for playing until dawn!

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