Moma is well-known name from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Unites States. The owner chose its name to derivate the modern and contemporary vibe of th party culture and the nightlife in Seomyeon, Busan. The bar is just opened on the beginning of 2018 so it’s not that crowded to bask in the smooth ambience. You can also hang with the owner’s ferret which is the mascot of moma. The best selling drinks are the rose Martini, Singapore sling, Blue saphire, Midori shower, Dohwa(peach and apple flavored cocktail), and Oiran(Cherry blossom scented light lemon-flavored drink), and Moma Frappuchino(coffee flavored cocktail) and etc. The bartenders are specialized on making fruit-flavored cocktail with the light alcohol content. That means ladies will love the drinks!


Business hour :  Sun – Thu   Main party 19:00 – 04:00     Fri – Sat   19:00 – 06:00

Location :  (English) 69, Seomyeon-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

(Korean) 부산광역시 부산진구 부전동 490-17