Bucket List: Why Not Try Out a Bar in a New Neighborhood?

Bucket List: Why Not Try Out a Bar in a New Neighborhood

Often, when you talk to your friends about where to go for drinks, only three areas pop into your minds every time: Hongdae, Itaewon, and Gangnam. But sometimes, it just may get boring to always hang out in the same spots, seeing the same faces and going through the same experiences. During those times, especially if it’s a low key night you’re after, trying out a new neighborhood just might be good for you!

One neighborhood like that would be Wangsimni. It may not be one that you’d first find yourself interested in, but why not give it a go? It’s located well within everyone’s reach, at a crossing of 4 whopping subway lines. It boasts massive movie theater, a supermarket, and even an underground shopping mall! Back in the day, there didn’t use to be much there besides BBQ and alcohol for the dudes from the nearby Hanyang University, but it’s grown into so much more since. These days, there is Park Avenue, which is another shopping mall with some brilliant eateries. And these days, there are more and more restaurants known as 맛집s, aka famously tasty restaurants, popping up in every corner. It’s definitely been diversifying itself to appeal to a bigger crowd than just Hanyang University’s engineering departments’ students.

But don’t misunderstand this to mean that all of the oldie goldie Wangsimni to be gone by now! Of course the old favorites are still there, and they are still the places those visiting Wangsimni would be most likely to recommend to you to visit.

Bucket List is a prime example of such a spot. Though, year after year, it’s seen its surroundings change, bars and cafes and restaurants all changing names and styles and owners, Bucket List continues to firmly stand still. In fact, for the longest time there’s been two of them, standing side by side, offering a good relaxing night out for the still diligently attending clientele. From groups of guys, to couples, to girls on a night out, they happily serve everyone and anyone.

Its small size, combined with its dark ambiance, creates the perfect intimate atmosphere. And you can’t get past the staff without them flashing a huge smile at you, greeting you with every bit as much positive spirit. Whether you’re looking for beer, bottle service, or a cocktail, their extensive menu has got you covered. Perhaps you forgot to eat dinner or you’re not feeling quite full yet? No worries, their food options will satisfy those needs!

To get to Bucket List, get out of exit 6 of Wangsimni Station (not 6-1!), and immediately head to your right. Then turn to the first street that comes on your left, and you’re nearly there already! If you’ve somehow missed the big sign telling you that you’ve arrived, just know this – there’s one bar called Bucket List on either side of the Chicken Bus restaurant, and you’re good to go to either one! Have a great night out!

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